Be flexible in 6 weeks by doing a daily stretching program


STRETCHING IS OFTEN the most overlooked and undervalued part of a workout — but it’s absolutely essential. We know it can be feel a little slow (read: boring) for the high-intensity fitness fanatic, but we’d be remiss not to address the key body benefits. Sassy Gregson-Williams, former ballerina and the founder of online workout studio Naturally Sassy showed us this combination of stretches to open us up the power of a regular flexibility routine . It ony takes 10 minutes daily to see real body change. Try this simple stretching routine that’s easy to stick to, even if you hate stretching!

Stretching should be an important part of your daily exercise regime as it helps ease tightness, prevent injury, quicken recovery and, ultimately, help you attain faster results. One way to add movement to your workout routine, especially one that pushes your range of motion and flexibility, is ballet. Ballet Blast, the first class in the Naturally Sassy online studio, combines stretching with strength to create a daily stretching routine you can stick with along with a workout that simultaneously uses strength and length is optimal for body training.

Why Should We Stretch?

GREATER FLEXIBILITY – Flexibility is integral to a healthy and mobile body. Flexible muscles allow you to perform better in your daily activities and reduce risk of injury. Inflexible muscles often pull your body out of its natural alignment — and then forces it to use compensation patters to perform when mobility is not sufficient.

PERFECTED POSTURE – Stretching can help reverse long-term bad postural habits, particularly for those of us spending most of our day siting down. The most common postural types are kyphosis and hyperlordosis. Kyphosis is a hunchback posture, which shortens the chest muscles. Stretching through the chest and shoulders will help. Hyperlordosis (also known as swayback) is an excessive curve inward of the lower back, requiring you to stretch tighter back muscles. Bad posture is one of the best incentives to stretch. If you fix alignment your body will move better and feel better. Your workouts will become more effective because you will now easily access the correct muscles needed to optimize training.

IMPROVED RECOVERY –  Stretching consistently is shown to increase blood flow to muscles, quickening recovery time and reducing the dreaded post-workout DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). After a workout use static stretches, holding in position for 10 to 30 seconds. And be sure you’re always working in a comfortable position to avoid over stretching.

Will We Become More Flexible?

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How long should you expect to stretch/exercise before you experience a notable change in flexibility? The Naturally Sassy online workout studio includes a six-week stretch program that has helped our members drastically improve their flexibility. Flexibility isn’t a goal with a clear beginning and end — it needs to be integrated into your routine every day. But for someone that doesn’t usually stretch and wanting to see improvement, a 30 second stretch for 10 minutes per day is the sweet spot to see real change in six weeks. And bonus: You’ll form a new body positive daily habit.


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