Donald Christman


For a long time, I was interested in physiotherapy and anatomy, which ultimately led me to become a med student. However, as I was maturing, I realized that the greatest battle wasn’t necessarily held on operation tables or rehab centers, but on the world wide web itself.

With so many self-proclaimed fitness gurus, snake oil purveyors, and medical conspiracy theorists who cherry-pick facts to suit their agenda, I was baffled by the sheer volume of BS you can google these days. And so, I decided to do something about it, however small. I knew I had a knack for writing anyway, journalism and storytelling suit me perfectly, and all that was left was to muster the courage I needed to come through.

As I spent my days writing various product reviews, stories, reports, and whatnot, the work I put in opened many doors – and continues to do so to this day. I started to collaborate with medical and fitness websites, such as Total Shape, which is friggin’ awesome. Not only do I get to write articles, but I also help such businesses to expand and come up with new projects.

Most importantly, I now get to fulfill my mission, which is to provide users with fact-checked information, relevant sources, and all the enjoyable fitness perks that promise great results. Like any other kid, I’m just trying to leave my mark on this world – and if my story resonates with you, you’re more than welcome to join the ride.